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AliExpress - Answers to questions about shopping, payment, and logistics

If you just registered an AliExpress account and want to buy some goods you need on it. Such as household items, cleaning items, vacuum cleaner accessories, etc., then you may encounter some problems, do you know how to solve them?

「Possible problems」

Then this article will summarize the questions written before for your convenience.

AliExpress is a popular online store, an international e-commerce platform for Chinese suppliers. You can buy the same product at「a lower price」than Amazon and other similar service stores. It can be shopped in more than 200 countries outside of China and is one of the largest Internet companies in the world.

You need to fill in the correct delivery address so that you can receive the goods accurately. Secondly, you also need to bind your credit card correctly, so that your purchase will go very smoothly.

In this article, we mainly introduce the reasons for the unsuccessful payment on AliExpress and the solutions, then introduce the main reasons for it with two pictures. If you encounter these problems, you can find the answer in the pictures.

If your package is overweight, it cannot be sent. Merchants also limit products based on weight, which is also mentioned in this article.

In this article, we mainly introduce some issues about AliExpress standard shipping. Let you know AliExpress from different aspects, from delivery to logistics. And this article will also mention some third-party monitoring websites for logistics information.

For example:

In the last article, we mentioned logistics information, so in this article, we will focus on introducing logistics-related information. We mentioned how to check logistics information on AliExpress app, when the order is in transit.「 Your order will be accepted by the carrier in your own country, so the order number will change.」We also mentioned this situation in the article, and proposed solutions and websites in a few countries to check logistics.


The above four articles can give you an initial understanding of some basic knowledge about AliExpress and will be supplemented in this unit later. This article mainly combines these four articles together for your convenience.


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