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On-line shopping-Why was my payment on AliExpress unsuccessful?

If you are using AliExpress online shopping platform, have you encountered this situation? No matter how many times you pay, you will always be unable to pay for this order. In this article, you will be told what to do if your payment on AliExpress is unsuccessful?

When you fail to pay the page prompts "The system is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Recommendation: Please try again later". You may encounter the following problems, as shown in the figure:

But there is no text in the picture above to express the reason for my payment error, what should I do? Please take a look at the image below, so that you can find a solution based on the BigInt you received! Please click on the larger picture to watch.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, what situation is there in which you need to ask the seller for help?

Due to the overweight problem of international parcels, the parcel cannot be sent. So sellers often limit products according to the weight of the product to avoid this situation. If you encounter the prompt "Can't choose more" when shopping, please ask the seller for help in time.

As shown in the figure below, this product is recommended to have a maximum of 5 pieces per customer (limited to this product link only).

If you add more than 5, you will receive the tip "You can select a maximum of 5".


The above is my summary of the situations that may lead to unsuccessful AliExpress payment. If you face other problems that you can't solve or figure out, please leave me a comment and I will try my best to answer them for you!!!


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