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On-line shopping-What should I do before I shop on Aliexpress?

Aliexpresss is an international e-commerce platform for suppliers from China; more than 200 countries outside of China can shop on it. If you are also using AliExpress, have you encountered many questions? If you want to know the answers to these questions, where do you need to get them?

Now, in this article, you will be told. After you complete the registration of your AliExpress account, what else do you need to do before making an official purchase?

If you're shopping on AliExpress for the first time, you can make your shopping smoother by doing the following:

1、Fill in the correct shipping address You will need to find "account" at the bottom right of your phone screen; then you will see a small "settings" icon in the top right corner of "account".

Once in 'Settings' you will find an area where you can change your account information, change your shipping address, change your country, currency, language etc.

But before you make your first purchase, you will need to fill in your shipping address in advance to help you complete your first purchase smoothly.

After entering the "shipping address"→click "Add New Address".

Then fill in the address,please take care to fill in the correct address and mobile phone number; otherwise, this will directly affect the delivery of the parcel. Finally set it as "Default" and click "Save".

Attention: The other thing you need to pay extra attention to with regards to the delivery address is the number of words in the address. From what I have learned, the length of the address you fill in manually is between 4 and 256 words; anything outside of this range will affect your parcel being sent.

2、Binding credit card To make purchases on Aliexpress, a credit card is required. So if this is your first time shopping on Aliexpress, you will need to combine your credit card in advance to make your purchase go very smoothly.

What should you do about binding your credit card?Please continue reading below. First, find "payment" in the "account" page and click on "Cards".

Next, click on "Add New Card" to link a credit card to your account.

Then, fill in the personal information about you and click "Save".

Complete the above and you are ready to start shopping!

For more questions about Aliexpress, you can leave a comment for me!


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