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Aliexpress - Parcel Shipping Tracking

AliExpress dominates e-commerce in China because it enables companies to enter the global market at a lower price. Let sellers sell goods at a lower price. AliExpress has established partnerships with many domestic and foreign operators, so that people all over the world can receive things from different countries.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a company that does business with many courier companies around the world. It can ship couriers to various countries and most of the time it is free. If you have to pay, the price is also around $1-3.

When you successfully buy on AliExpress, you can wait for your package to arrive with peace of mind. When the seller successfully ships, you can check the logistics directly on the AliExpress app. If you find that your logistics information has not changed for 1-3 weeks, it may be because your package has reached your country for transit. Then since the order was received by the carrier in your own country, the tracking number of the order may change during shipping. If this happens, you need to contact the seller in time to get a new tracking number. Many times, the package logistics information you find in the background of AliExpress will directly display the relevant information of the local delivery logistics company. So you can track your package directly on the corresponding official website.

Then if your AliExpress app background does not display the information of the delivery company, maybe you can try the following.

If your tracking number starts with CNE, then it is certain that your package is managed and delivered by Cainiao.

If you are in Germany, in most cases your package will be managed and delivered by DHL. Then you can log in to the and use your tracking number to check the exact location of your package.

If you are in France, in many cases your package will be managed and delivered by Colissimo. Then you can log in to the and check. If you are not sure if it is this logistics company, you can track whether the number starts with 6A. If yes, then your package is managed by this company.

Assuming you are in Italy, you can try looking up Poste ltaliane. The tracking number of this company starts with 5P, if so, you can log in to to inquire.

For Spain, the tracking number starts with PQ, so you can check it on Spain post. For Poland, the tracking number starts with PX, so you can check it on Poczta Polska, etc.


The tracking number of each country may be different. This article only lists the tracking numbers of some countries. The websites for inquiring about logistics in each country are also very different. In addition to the above countries, there are different websites in other different countries.


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