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AliExpress Standard Shipping Guide

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a way of shipping items by AliExpress itself. You may have heard of Amazon FBA, which is similar.

Compare with other shipping methods on AliExpress. AliExpress standard shipping is the cheapest and best option you can find. Most of the time it's free. If you have to pay, it costs about $1-$3.

In this post, we will main introduction about AliExpress standard shipping and other questions you want to know.

Who will provide standard shipping services for AliExpress

AliExpress is a company that does business with many courier companies around the world. For example, Russia Post, Singapore Post, Finland Post, Corrios, etc

In some cases, tariffs are also payable, but not all goods are.

If you buy something on AliExpress, the process is that after you place an order, the shipping team picks up and ships your package. The item is then delivered to a warehouse in the destination country for delivery.

Is AliExpress Standard Shipping reliable ?

Frankly speaking, the more popular the platform, the more likely it is to encounter more scammers. AliExpress team goes to great lengths to track and punish unreliable sellers and deal with logistics issues.

Currently, standard shipping has high reliability. Generally, your goods will arrive within 15-45 days, which is reasonable. Of course, you can also track your order information through your tracking number.

The Different Shipping Status When you complete a purchase through AliExpress, you can track them in real-time in your account. For example: You haven't paid for an item yet, which may show Waiting for payment. If your name doesn't match the credit card, payment is being verified will appear. As well as messages waiting to be shipped, waiting to be delivered, completed, etc. appear, so you can better understand the status of the package.

Sometimes, you may encounter situations where the goods have been signed for but you have not received the goods. You need to call the post office to inquire about the status of their package.

Also, if it is an ordinary item that does not need to be signed for, it is common for the courier to deposit it directly in the mailbox, even if you are at home. Of course, this means that your product is small and can fit in the mailbox. If not, they will call you to pick it up from the local post office.

Aliexpress Delivery to Pickup Point AliExpress delivers the item to the pickup point, and "Item available in collection point" will appear in your tracking system or AliExpress tracking.

Note that you can only use this option if you buy from one seller. Since each item is packaged and shipped separately, you can buy from different sellers.

However, so far, the choice of delivery points is very limited and cannot be customized. AliExpress will recommend a courier location closest to you and will email you

How to Track My Delivery STEP 1 : Log into your AliExpress account. STEP 2 : Click on 'My Orders' located in the menu bar.

STEP 3 : Find the order that you wish to track and click 'Track Order'.

STEP 4:Then you can see all the logistics information about your product.

You can also check the order by third-party tracking websites by the tracking number. We just recommend several websites which we always used.

Aliexpress Official Tracking Website:


Above are some answers to AliExpress standard shipping questions and we mentioned some third-party monitoring websites that can track logistics. Hope it can help you learn more about AliExpress standard shipping.


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