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Frequently asked questions about robots

Before you buy a floor sweeper and after you use it, you will have some questions about it at one time or another. There may be some confusion about them at some point. I have written some articles with similar questions before, but they are too scattered, this one puts it all together. Helping you to get familiar with it as soon as possible, you can better let it do its job.

A vacuum cleaner can work on its own and help you reduce the amount of work you have to do to sweep and mop the floor. It's also easy to operate, day and night. It has smart technology that remembers the layout of your home. And the design is very streamlined and can go to very small places. The main thing is that it saves you time and it can clean while you are at work.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro: Memory of locations

What will be the benefits of buying a robot?

You can not have to think about cleaning when you are busy. Because of the help of several sensors, it can remember the layout of your home. It automatically detects and avoids obstacles, and now there are high-end models that can clean the rag themselves as well as air-dry it. To a certain extent, it frees your hands. Save a lot of time and do your own thing. It will also return to the docking station to recharge itself when it runs out of power.

Ecovacs deebot X1 OMNI has Hot Air drying

Uses on-board sensors to navigate, draw and store floor plans of the home. Other sensors also allow them to avoid obstacles and determine an efficient and fast cleaning path.

The durability of each brand is different. How often it is used and how often it is maintained also has an impact on it. The average use time is 6-8 years old. If it is used too much and the cleaning is not in place, the lifespan will be short. There is an article dedicated to this issue.

Shark is used for 5-7 years

Does it work on carpet?

It is used to clean carpets, floors, etc. But it is not suitable for cleaning all carpets. If you have a tassel rug and the tassel is very long, be careful before buying it. Because there are many tassel edges stuck in the brush, it may cause the robot to not be able to climb on it by itself.

Of course, and it's still important to help check it often. See if there is any damage to the parts, if it needs to be cleaned, etc. If it is not cleaned for a long time, its suction power as well as all functions will be reduced. If you find any damage, you need to buy new parts to replace it as soon as possible.

Clean Roomba's brush

You may also want to consider other questions.


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