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Can the vacuum robot go over the doorstep?

Can my vacuum cleaner go over 2 cm steps? If there is a gap between two rooms, can it be from one room to the other? If the sill of my thresholde is wider, it can pass and vacuum or mop the floor. But it rubs it and makes a sound, I just want it to pass laterally instead of making a sound, what to do? Do you have such a question. Take Roborock as an example, can a robot go over the doorstep?

From Roborock community

About the vacuum robot go over the doorstep. If people have different ideas, then there will be different solutions to the problem.

Here are a few ways

There is a simple and inexpensive way to diy a step ramp yourself. Similar to the image below. Feel free to find two express cartons and stitch them together. Bend the middle slightly to make it more suitable for the steps, and place two planks on the sides.If you're worried it's not strong enough, you can put some plastic plates underneath. The vacuum robot will also clear the ramp so that it will not fall from the edge, so the wooden board is placed at its edge, acting as a guardrail. It will also ensure that he will climb up from the front and not push the cardboard from the side.You can choose to take it out only when cleaning and put it away at other times, which will not affect the aesthetics.

DIY doorstep ramp from the Roborock community

If you find it cumbersome to recycle this, you can also choose to buy a wooden doorstep ramp. Because it is customized, you can choose its color according to the color of your floor. Or customize its height according to the height between the steps. This way you can get a perfect ramp and don't have to move it back and forth.

Solid wood doorstep ramp

Of course, you can also add a virtual room a little wider than the threshold in the middle of the two actual rooms set on the app. When your vacuum cleaner starts cleaning, don't choose this virtual room. It may go straight over to another room to start cleaning.


Each of these solutions has its own characteristics. If you have the need, you can choose the one you prefer. I think if you don't want to spend for it, you can choose the first method. Because it's simple to make and doesn't cost any dollars for it. And you can change places at any time.


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