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How to clean Roomba?

Cleaning out any robot vacuum is a difficult task. Do you feel like you are taking good care of your Roomba? In addition to cleaning the litter box, it also cleans other parts and filters. It helps you with cleaning, so you should perform routine maintenance on it to help it run better. The previous article covered the cleanup of Roborock. So how do you clean up a Roomba?

When you need to clean the Roomba, you need to turn off all power. If it's cleaning the bedroom, then you also need to move it out.

Roller brush and side brush

You're going to rinse with mild water and you have to wash the brush and pillars because there's a lot of hair here too. When reassembling, you want to make sure your brush is dry. If you put it in wet, then your Roomba will break. So don't make this mistake and don't wash it with harsh chemicals. Otherwise it will shorten its lifespan.

From irobot official website

Wheels and Sensors

It can also tangle a lot of hair. And there will be a lot of dust in the wheel well. If the Roomba's cleaning efficiency is reduced, you need to see if there is hair in its axles and clean it out. If the wheel well is dirty, also wipe it with warm water and soap. Look at the wheels once a month. See any damage, you need to replace them in time. If the sensors are dirty, wipe them with a cloth with isopropyl alcohol on them. If you want to replace any part, make sure it is assembled in a dry state.

Trash bin

There are detailed videos and pictures on the official website to help you clean or replace it. If trash bin has a lot of dirt or debris in it, you can remove it with a brush or damp cloth.

Trash bin cleaning process


Depending on the Roomba model you have, the filter may be in the trash bin or in the filter element of the trash bin. If you don't clean it for a long time, it will become very inefficient in removing debris. The filter is not allowed to be cleaned with water or other liquids, so you just need to tap it lightly to remove dust. iRobot recommends changing the filter every three months, depending on usage.


You think the parts on the official website are too expensive, you can buy them on platforms like AliExpress or Amazon. Clean it regularly, especially for those who are allergic to dust. Maintain it often and it will also give you good feedback on cleaning.


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