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Why do robots make noise when cleaning?

Do you hear some loud noises when your robot is cleaning? Although it is not particularly quiet during normal use, it is not very noisy. But when there is a loud noise, it means that there is something wrong. For example, this Roborock S5 MaxV seen from the Roborock community makes an inhaling sound when cleaning. At this time, you need to pay more attention to it to see what is wrong and how to correct it.

There are many factors that can cause a vacuum cleaner to make noise.

They have powerful motors that allow high-speed airflow through the machine quickly. Noise is also created by the high-speed airflow that sucks dust during operation.

Secondly, some reasons can also be found in their design. They all have metal blades that produce sound when they rotate rapidly. Motors are also made of metal and also produce some noise when they operate.


The fan is also very important to the vacuum cleaner. If the fan is broken, it may also make noise, then the vacuum cleaner will start to heat up. When the vacuum is running, dust will accumulate on the fan, which can easily break the fan. The fan cannot be repaired, you can only buy a new one to replace.


If there are tangles of hair and scraps on the brush, this can also make the brush make noise as it spins. This makes it necessary to always check the brush for tangles that are causing it to get stuck and clean it up. If it still makes noise after cleaning, it means a new brush is needed to replace it.

Hair tangled in the brush makes noise


Over time, some dust and small debris may store on the filter of the vacuum cleaner. If they plug the filter, it will not allow air to pass through well and create noise. The more dust, the more noise will be. And this will also make it less suction.


Another possibility is that your vacuum needs a complete cleanup. If there is debris under the belt, the belt may wear out. It may not be broken, but it will slide a lot over time. Then it makes some noise, and you need to buy a new belt to replace it.

There are a lot of things you can do to fix this before buying a replacement.

Always check and clean the internal parts of the vacuum cleaner, such as filters, brushes, fans, etc. See if the noise is made because it is blocked or broken. Clean up in time and replace damaged parts in time. This ensures that the air passes through the vacuum well.


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