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Clean the vacuum cleaner hose

When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, have you ever paid attention to your vacuum cleaner hose? Yes, the vacuum hose also needs to be cleaned frequently, so as to ensure that the suction force of the vacuum cleaner is not affected. So do you know how to clean it?

Previous articles have written about cleaning sharks and Dyson vacuums, which come with some cleaning hose content, this time I will take it out and talk about it alone.

Cleaning steps:

First remove the hose. You can stand the hose up or face the light to see if you can see a large blockage. If you can see it, push it out with a stick first.

Next, rinse the outside and inside of the hose with warm water first.

Then plug one end with the palm of your hand and put some water from the other end. Shake the hose gently to wash away any dust that has attached to the inside of the hose. Then pour out the water.

Mix the vinegar and baking soda together, shake well and soak in a few wipes. Tuck the vinegar and baking soda soaked tissue into the hose. Gently push it with a stick, pushing it from one end to the other. Repeat a few more times until the tissue is slightly cleaner.

If you still feel some dirt inside, you can pour the remaining vinegar and baking soda into the hose. Plug the ends with the palm of your hand and shake vigorously to eliminate odors and soften the tube.

Finally rinse it again with lukewarm water. Then hang it vertically and let it dry completely.

The cleaning process is very simple. If you don't clean it for a long time, it may cause the suction of the vacuum cleaner to drop, it will emit some strange smells, it may make noises when using the vacuum, etc.

So how often do you clean your hose? If you vacuum frequently, you need to check your hose weekly to see if it needs cleaning. If you find it damaged or broken, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


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