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How to clean Shark vacuum?

When you notice that your shark is slow to work, it's time to clean it up. Excessive dust accumulation can also reduce its suction. We've already written about Roborock cleaning, let's take a look at how sharks clean up.

Shark vacuum logo

There are many shark series products on the market now, and the detachable parts may also be in different positions. So you need to refer to its product manual to determine where these locations are.

As with cleaning other vacuums, first you need to unplug all the power to prevent any danger. When removing the main components, observe how they fit together. If you find it difficult to remember, you can take a picture. To prevent difficulties in later installation. Or you can also look for related videos directly on YouTube.

Cleaning steps:


Remove the dust collection container, pour the dirt inside into the trash can, and soak it in soapy water. After a few minutes, wash it with a fiber cloth, rinse it and let it dry on its own. When reassembling, make sure it is completely dry. Otherwise, bacteria may grow when exposed to a vacuum.

dirt into the trash bin


Depending on the shark series, the filter may be felt or rubber. Remove it and put it in soapy water, the filter may change color after washing. But don't worry, it's only important to clean it. Washing felt with water is not recommended, you can gently tap the filter and use a brush to remove the dirt. HEPA filters, can only be washed by hand.


Hair, thread, and other dirt can get tangled on the brush. Usually suction is also affected by a blocked roller. Separate the vacuum handle from the floor attachment and cut the hair with scissors. Then clean up other dirt by hand. During this process, be careful not to damage the bristles of the brush. There is a detailed video introduction on YouTube.

Cut hair with scissors


Disconnect the ends of the hose and check the hose for blockages. Rinse the hose with hot water. You can add a little mild detergent and wipe it off with a towel. Second, you can put vinegar and baking soda in a glass, shake well and pour it into the hose. Block the ends with your palm and shake vigorously to eliminate odors and soften the tube. Finally, rinse again with warm water.

When reinstalling, make sure all parts are completely dry. After assembly, wipe the surface and you'll get a new shark.

When does it mean you should clean it? When you notice that the suction drops or the vacuum cleaner smells bad. And during the cleaning process, there will be dirt on the floor. It means it needs a "bath".


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