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How to block product ads on Alibaba?


When purchasing products on Alibaba, after entering search keywords, we are often bombarded with various advertised products. Undoubtedly, it disrupting our efforts to obtain more reliable results.

To make the procurement process more efficient, we would like to share a simple trick below to help you block product ads on Alibaba.

Why block product ads on Alibaba?

The insertion of ads on Alibaba's search page not only affects the accuracy of search results but may also lead to the display of irrelevant products. Additionally, the existence of ads directly increases procurement costs.

On the Alibaba platform, advertising costs are expensive, which may ultimately be reflected in product prices, making ad-promoted products more expensive compared to other similar products.

Introduction to Alibaba's advertising

Alibaba's product ads come in various forms, each with its own set of rules and costs for both PC and mobile platforms. Here, we will primarily focus on the rules and costs associated with PC advertising.

Alibaba's product ads are categorized into "Wending," "Top Sponsor Listing," and "P4P," bringing substantial traffic to sellers.

1. Wending Ads

Search results of dyson vacuum parts
Search results of "dyson vacuum parts"

Taking the example of the keyword "dyson vacuum parts," the top-ranking product occupies a special ad position known as "wen ding," representing the Chinese characters "问鼎". It symbolizes the aspiration to achieve the highest position.

This premium position comes with privileges such as displaying videos, manufacturer names, and more related products.

Therefore, advertising in this position is relatively expensive, with charges based on keyword popularity and duration.

For instance, a company like techTongBo spent $15,000 for a year-long ad campaign targeting the "vacuum cleaner parts" keyword, resulting in around 80 actual business opportunities.

It's worth mentioning that in Alibaba, "business opportunities" typically refer to users engaging with a store through TM (TradeManager, an instant messaging tool), inquiries, or orders.

However, whether users will place an order in the store is uncertain, often resulting in fewer actual transactions than business opportunities.

2. Top Sponsor Listing Ads

The second product in the search results is still a special type of advertisement known as "Top Sponsor Listing," corresponding to the Chinese term "dingzhanwei."

This advertising slot holds a priority just below "Wending" and is typically positioned in the first or second row of search results, adorned with a crown icon. Additionally, this ad slot allows for the display of more related products within the store.

Another special advantage of "Top Sponsor Listing" lies in its ability to recognize user preferences through algorithms, achieving personalized displays for a thousand users.

In other words, when different users search for the same keyword, the content presented in this advertising slot may vary.

The pricing for "Top Sponsor Listing" is determined based on the keyword's popularity and the overall advertising time. The reference price for a set of keywords is approximately $7000.

3. P4P Ads

P4P Ads

Apart from "Wending" and "Top Sponsor Listing" positions, the primary advertising space is occupied by "P4P" (Pay for Performance) ads, known as "zhitongche" in Chinese.

P4P ads come with the privilege of gaining more exposure, appearing not only at the forefront of search results but also interspersed among later results. These ads are charged per click, and multiple sellers can bid for the same keyword.

Each sellers can set the price for a user clicking on a keyword, with higher bids resulting in more exposure. The overall cost depends on the store itself, once click charges exceed the budget, the ad display is automatically halted.

Overview of Alibaba Advertising Options

For your better understanding, we have summarized the information in the table below.

Advertising Method



PC Price Reference


  • Top of search results

  • video display

  • manufacturer name

  • more related products

Keyword price + ad duration


Top Sponsor Listing

  • Top of search results

  • crown symbol

  • more related products

  • Personalized Display

Keyword price + ad duration



  • Increased exposure for more traffic

Keyword price + click count


Methods to block product ads on Alibaba

Currently, various tools can help block ads on Alibaba. Taking Google Chrome as an example, simply adding the free AdBlock extension is sufficient. With this extension, you will have a page with almost no ads. Similarly, for mobile applications, you can install ad-blocking applications like AdGuard.

Search results without advertisements
Search results without advertisements


In this digital age, optimizing the procurement process through technological means is a common pursuit for businesses and buyers alike. By using ad-blocking tools sensibly, we can conveniently obtain the information we need, improve procurement efficiency, and simultaneously reduce potential advertising costs.

May every buyer on the Alibaba journey navigate through the fog of ads effortlessly, find ideal products, and achieve a more intelligent and efficient procurement experience.

"I am Ryder, and I'm here to offer you free guidance if you encounter any issues while using Alibaba. Just click here, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."---Ryder😊

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