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The Most Efficient Alibaba Sourcing Hack, What You Need to Know

Alibaba's search functionality has long been criticized, because it often leaves users feeling that time is wasted during the search process.

For buyers, finding high-quality suppliers that meet procurement requirements requires additional time. For sellers, accurately targeting customers is challenging. This situation is undeniably difficult, and buyers who frequently search for products on Alibaba can surely relate.

Here, from the perspective of an experienced seller, we share a hack to help you navigate Alibaba more efficiently for procurement.

Alibaba Sourcing Hack

The technique is simple: after entering the product keywords you're interested in, click on "Customizable" on Alibaba. Let's delve into the advantages of using this approach and explore more details.

Advantage 1: Laser-Precise Keyword Matching

Typing in a keyword on Alibaba can sometimes yield less-than-ideal results. Consider "deebot parts" as an example (Deebot being a brand of robotic vacuum cleaners). The all results may display unrelated products.

Search result of deebot parts by All

Conversely, by selecting "Customizable," your results become impressively precise, with top products directly matching your search terms.

Search result of deebot parts by Customizable

Advantage 2: Access to Manufacturer Information

All search results often provide limited product information. However, "Customizable" delivers a wealth of details. Clicking this option lets you view comprehensive information about product manufacturers. This data includes manufacturer names, ratings, years in business, transaction value, response rates, and supplier reviews.

These insights not only facilitate easy comparisons among manufacturers but also indirectly provide valuable information. For instance, "Nanjing Tongbo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd" boasts the highest transaction value, the most reliable supplier reviews (43 reviews with a 4.9 rating), and a four-star certification.

Manufacturer Information

This suggests a formidable presence in the vacuum accessory industry, translating to enhanced credibility and reliability. All of this conveniently eliminates the need for time-consuming background checks on manufacturers.

Advantage 3: Enhanced Reliability in Product Search Results

The all search results predominantly feature product listings. In contrast, The "Customizable" emphasizes manufacturers. Consequently, the top results under "Customizable" typically represent high-quality manufacturers with superior response rates and reviews. This hints at a higher average product quality.

However, it's worth noting that Alibaba's search result rankings are influenced by a complex interplay of factors, and the link between product quality and search results isn't absolute.

Advantage 4: Minimal Search Ads

The all search results can be riddled with product listings that are essentially advertisements. By opting for "Customizable," you'll enjoy fewer distractions. For instance, when searching "dyson vacuum parts," the top six results under standard search are all ads, making it challenging to discern genuine search results.

Search result of dyson vacuum parts

On the other hand, "Customizable" results are ad-free. It's important to remember that Alibaba's advertising costs can be substantial, impacting product prices. Consequently, ad-placed products may carry a premium compared to other listings.


Sourcing on Alibaba offers business opportunities, but finding the right products can be overwhelming. Embrace "Customizable" search for precise matches, comprehensive info, and reliable products, reducing distractions. This strategy saves time and money in procurement.

We hope this Alibaba sourcing hack offers valuable insights for your procurement journey. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

"I am Ryder, and I'm here to offer you free guidance if you encounter any issues while using Alibaba. Just click here, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."---Ryder😊

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