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How to clean up Dyson?

How to help prolong the life of your Dyson? If you don't take the time to clean your Dyson, you will find that its functions will be weakened. And picking things up will also be affected, and the machine will make some noise. We'll show you how to clean it up so your investment can last a long time.

First turn off the power as you would clean all the robots. Take Dyson V10 as an example. Make sure your machine is completely turned off, then disassemble it.

Clean up dust collection containers

Dyson vacuums are all bagless. Before this step, you need to put a trash can next to it. When pressing the red handle, dump all the trash out. If you are allergic to dust, then this is difficult for you, you can ask for help from others. Then wipe the inside with a microfiber cloth washed with water, being careful not to use any chemical cleaners.

Clean filter

The filter is hand washable. First knock the dust on its surface next to the trash can. Then rinse it with water. You can twist its soft place a little by hand to make the water dry faster. Wait until it is completely dry before you can put it back. If it is still dirty after washing, you need to replace it. Dyson officials recommend replacing the filter element every year.


Pet hair, dust or rope on the ground can get tangled in the brush, especially this electric brush. The way to open it is simple, you can open it with a screwdriver or with a coin like in the picture below. After removing the brush from the floor brush, remove the debris and other dirt on it. Wipe the brush roller chamber with a wet microfiber cloth.


Check if the hose is clogged. You can stand the vacuum cleaner tube up or face the light to see if you can see it at a glance. If you can't see it clearly, find a long wooden stick and push it. If that doesn't work, mix warm water, vinegar, and baking soda together to rinse the tube and it should clear the blockage.

Cleaning other accessories

Also double check the other accessories to make sure nothing is missing. It's best to be foolproof.

Wait until everything washed with water has dried before reassembling them. Finally wipe the overall surface with a damp cloth.

How often do you wash it?

If you use it frequently and have pets at home, the filter should be cleaned every two weeks. Other parts should also be cleaned frequently to ensure that the dust container can be emptied immediately when it is full to avoid a drop in suction.


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