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Why does the Roomba always circle in thr same place?

If you own a Roomba, you definitely want it to do a good job of cleaning your home. If one day you find it cleaning the same area all the time, and it keeps spinning around there. You might be wondering, why does it keep cleaning that area? Keep reading this article if you want to know.

Cleaning back and forth in this place

Reasons why the same place might be cleaned:

Bumper stuck

If there is dust or dirt inside the bumper of the Roomba, prolonged accumulation may cause the bumper to get stuck. It may be cleaned repeatedly in one place. Also, if the bumper sensor is dirty, it will not function properly.

Cliff sensor is dirty

A vacuum cleaner has multiple sensors to help navigate. If there is dust on the sensor, then it can be difficult to navigate. If the cliff sensor is dirty and won't recognize obstacles, it may also be spinning around in the same place.

Wheel failure

Another reason for going in circles could be because of a jam or malfunction. Too much dust can build up and clog the Roomba's wheels. This can make it difficult to move, get stuck there, and clean the same area over and over again.

The trash can is full

Its litter box needs to be emptied regularly. Prevent it from picking up debris and trash when it gets full. This also keeps it cleaning in an area because it can't be cleaned properl.

Insufficient lighting

If the vacuum cleaner does not have enough lighting, it cannot recognize dust and dirt well. This may cause it to patrol the same area multiple times because it cannot see what needs to be cleaned. Cleaning in the dark may hit obstacles and cause it to clean the area again and again.

It's also possible that the settings are inaccurate, the battery may be broken, or there is a problem with the software, etc.

Ways to keep it from spinning around in the same place:

Empty the trash in time and also reset your Roomba.

Regularly clean your home so that there is no particularly large accumulation of garbage.

Clean the Roomba regularly, wiping down bumpers, wheels, and sensors.

Clean the wheels

After reading this article, I think you should know the general situation of this problem. Most problems are probably caused by some glitch or sensor. So it is best to clean the floor before using the vacuum cleaner.


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