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What can't you vacuum with a Dyson?

Vacuum cleaners have come into our lives and have improved in technology. Dyson dominates the market with so much suction that it makes people think it can vacuum everything. But everything has limitations, it sucks something and still clogs and stops working.

Dyson V8

Dyson can't vacuum what?

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean broken glass, fireplace ash, hard objects like coins, water, other liquids, and sticky objects, etc. which can damage or clog Dyson. Previous articles have also talked about how to prevent it.

Broken glass

No matter what type of vacuum you have, you can't pick up broken glass because it will cause a series of failures in the vacuum cleaner. It may damage the filter or get into the motor. If there is broken glass on the ground and you don't plan to replace it with a new Dyson. Then don't use a vacuum to pick it up, but use a broom.

Water and other liquids

Water and electricity are not good friends. Using it to absorb water is not only bad for it, but also has a certain impact on your own safety. It may cause a short circuit or block the filter. If you accidentally suck water, unplug it immediately. Rinse the filter and dust collector until completely dry before reassembling.

Hard or sharp objects

Small objects such as coins and paper clips cannot be vacuumed directly with a vacuum cleaner. You can pick it up first and then clean it, otherwise it will destroy your vacuum.

White powder or granules

White dust powder or granules should not be vacuumed. Because these particles are small, they can clog the filter. Such white powders include talcum powder, baking soda, starch, and other similar items.

Sticky stuff

Sticky things can stick to hoses, filters, and can cause blockages that reduce Dyson's function. It is best to add water with white vinegar to remove sticky objects on the floor, such as glue. If the glue goes into the vacuum and melts, it will adhere to the motor, which will damage the motor.

So, what can't you vacuum with a Dyson?

Although Dyson's technology is advanced, not everything can be sucked away. If you suck up something wrong and your Dyson will be completely damaged, the only way to do it is to give it up and buy a new one.


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