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Causes of vacuum cleaner damage and how to prevent it

Vacuum cleaners are a very common smart home in life. They can keep your home clean. Over time, vacuum cleaners become more and more high-tech and intelligent. You paid a high price for it, so you should also know what can hurt it in your life. And how to avoid them from being harmed.

Cause of injury
Vacuuming hard objects

We might find some rocks, screws, or coins on the floor, but none of us stopped to pick it up. Instead, we thought the vacuum cleaner would do a good job of getting over or sucking it away, but the vacuum cleaner is not a panacea. If the vacuum sucks them in, they may get stuck on the brush or in areas that are not easy to clean inside. These hard objects may cause damage to the inside of the vacuum cleaner and prevent it from continuing to operate.

Water or any liquid

Vacuum cleaners are electronic devices, and they are not used to absorb water and other liquids. So when you expose them to liquids, there is a risk of electric shock and damage to the vacuum cleaner. Your hands can also get messed up when you try to empty the vacuum.

Cannot be placed in a humid environment

If you leave it in a humid environment for a long time, the vacuum cleaner may short-circuit because there are many circuit components inside it. It will also be more dangerous when used.

The motor is broken

Do not use the vacuum cleaner for a long time or continuously, which will increase the temperature of the motor. It is also possible that the motor overheats because the brush is entangled in something and struggles to rotate. A full dust container or bag can also cause the motor to overheat.

Preventive measures

When you see large debris, food scraps, coins, or some screws on the ground, you should pick it up. Then vacuum your home.

Avoid direct contact with water. There is now a wet and dry vacuum cleaner specially designed to collect water and other liquids. So you don't have to worry about electric shock and damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Do not put the vacuum cleaner in a dark and damp place, try to put it in a drier place.

Don't let the vacuum run too long, check and clean the vacuum often. If there are any damaged parts, they also need to be replaced in time. You can buy them cheaply on Amazon.


Maintaining your vacuum is easy, don't let your vacuum do things it shouldn't. Whether it's a regular or high-end model, it needs the same amount of maintenance. If you want it to work reliably for a long time, you need to clean it a lot.


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