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Why does Roomba keep saying empty the bin?

Your Roomba may work well in your home, but that doesn't mean it will always work well. Just like other vacuums, it may have some glitches in some ways. Because it doesn't have a dust bag, you must regularly empty the dust box. However, when you have it emptied, why does the Roomba still tell you to empty the dust container?

Why do you keep talking about emptying the dust container?

There could be many reasons for it to do this, such as:

The dust container is still dirty after emptying. Then you can remove the dust box for cleaning. Remember to remove the filter because it cannot be washed with water. Rinse the dust box with water to completely eliminate dust and dirt. After drying thoroughly, reassemble it.

The filter is clogged or damaged. Once dust or debris clogs the dust box, the Roomba may also think the dust container is full and needs to be cleaned. The process of cleaning the filter is very simple, but never wash it with water. If you find that the filter is damaged or worn out, you will need to replace it with a new one. If you use your vacuum a lot, be sure to clean or replace the filter frequently.

The sensor of the dust collector is dirty. There are at least six different sensors on the vacuum cleaner to see if the dust box is full. If you find that the sensor is dirty, you will need to gently wipe the surface of the sensor with a dry fiber cloth. Remember, never wipe with detergent or dirty cloth.

In general

If you just emptied the Roomba's dust container and it keeps saying the dust container is full. That means there are some minor problems, such as clogged or damaged filters, dirty dust containers, etc. As long as you clean the dust container and filter, or replace the filter, it won't make such a sound.


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