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Why can't my vacuum be turned on?

When you want to vacuum, you suddenly find that the vacuum cannot be turned on. This can happen to everyone who owns a vacuum. Don't panic, because the solution is very simple, and you may also need to seek professional technical help. In this article, we will tell you why it cannot be turned on and how to fix it.

First: check the power plug and switch

This is probably the simplest cause of a shark not opening, probably because you didn't insert the plug into the socket correctly. If the plug is firmly inserted into the socket, see if the vacuum cleaner switch is not on. If neither, you need to try another socket. If it doesn't work, there is a problem with the circuit in your home.

Second: circuit breaker

It is possible that the vacuum cleaner cannot be turned on because the circuit breaker tripped. Once the circuit breaker tripped, the socket will not have electricity. At this time, you should go to the area where the circuit breaker is located and check if there is a reset button. If there is, press it and the power will be restored to the home. If not, then check if all switches are on. If there is one in the opposite direction, it means it has tripped.

Third: power cord

Check if the power cord is damaged. You may not pay much attention to the maintenance of the power cord in your daily life. It is possible to wear and tear the vacuum cleaner when pushing or dragging it. If it is worn or broken, it will affect the power entering the vacuum cleaner, and it is also dangerous not to replace it in time.

Fourth: motor

There is also a possibility that the motor is broken and will eventually break after overuse. When your motor is not working, you need to seek the help of a professional repairman and let them deal with your damaged motor.

Fifth: Vacuum overheating

If the vacuum overheats, it won't open either. If the cup is full, the vacuum cleaner will lose suction. A dust-filled cup will make the motor work harder, which will cause the machine to overheat. Or there will be tangled hair on the brush, which will also make the motor work hard and cause overheating. If your vacuum is a shark, don't worry too much because it has a self-cleaning brush. You need to clean the dust cup and brush regularly to avoid this.

Shark has self-cleaning brush

Sixth: buy a new vacuum

If none of the above is a problem, then your vacuum cleaner is about to retire. You can choose to buy a new one to continue serving you.


To sum up, this is why the vacuum cleaner won't turn on. Regularly clean the accessories of the vacuum cleaner for the best performance experience.


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