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What’s the difference between Roborock s7 Auto-Empty Dock 1.8L and 3L Dust Bags

Many people who buy a Roborock S7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will also be interested in their official set of automatic dust collection holders (also called Auto Empty Dock), as this makes cleaning easier by reducing the number of times the dust box inside the machine has to be cleaned.

Automatic dust collection is now a must-have feature for mainstream high-end floor cleaning robots. Roborock’s technology in this area is now very good, and many web test videos have proven their performance in this area.

Well, those who are careful may have noticed that Roborock’s official automatic dust collection dock for the S7 model actually comes in three different versions, one with a cyclonic dust bin, one with a 1.8L capacity disposable dust bag and the last with a 3L capacity disposable dust bag.

Roborock S7 Auto Empty Dock have different designs

2 Types of Auto Empty Dock for Roborock S7(Black is the Cyclone design / White is the Dust Bag design)

Models with cyclone dust collection bin require manual cleaning of the dust collection bin, which also looks dirty over time. (Very similar to cleaning a Dyson handheld Vacuum’s Dust box)

Global Version has the 1.8L Dust Bag

the Global edition 1.8L Dust Bag

US Version has the 3.0L Dust Bag

the US edition 3.0L Dust Bag

The difference between the 1.8L dust bag and the 3L dust bag is not just the size of the bag, the larger the bag the more rubbish it can hold, which is officially described as being able to go for weeks without emptying. However, it should be noted that in addition to the size difference, there are also some differences in the interface between the two types of dust bag, so they cannot be mixed.The Roborock S7 automatic dust collection dock currently sold in the US region uses mainly 3L dust bags, while the European region is dominated by 1.8L dust bags.

If you want to buy the spare dust bags for your Roborock S7, just double check the version of your model original accessories size.

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