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How To Verify The Legitimacy Of Alibaba Sellers Online

Alibaba is the world's largest B2B online trading platform, where it brings together primarily small and medium-sized factories and trading companies from China. Many buyers find it difficult to Verify the legality of the alibaba sellers they have found before becoming fully familiar with Alibaba.

techTongBo is a very powerful supplier on Alibaba.
techTongBo Store Information Displayed on Alibaba Platform (January 2024)

Today, Lydia, a senior business manager at techTongBo, will give you a brief introduction to several points for analyzing the credibility of suppliers on Alibaba.

We will start by analyzing some key information shown in the image above:

  • 5 Years —— The number of years displayed below the company name and behind the national flag represents the registration time of this store on Alibaba (calculated based on calendar years). As the years go by, it becomes more evident that this company has a long-standing sales history on Alibaba, which serves as an important testament to its legitimacy. Since sellers on Alibaba have to pay fees to the platform every year (The minimum is close to $4000 per year.), if a store lacks sufficient strength, it may be closed within one or two years.

  • Verified —— After the number of years, there is a Verified logo, which indicates that the store has been verified by a third-party certification agency on the platform. Stores with this logo indicate that they are annually entrusted by the platform to conduct supplier verification through international certification companies such as SGS. Sellers with this badge are required to pay nearly $10,000 to the platform annually. Therefore, this Verified mark is also a very important reference standard, in Alibaba if there is no such certification, it is likely that the seller's strength is not strong enough, or Alibaba is not their core source of customers channel!

  • 5 Red Diamond Symbols 💎💎💎💎💎 —— Supplier Online Performance Index. This is a metric introduced by the Alibaba platform, and the more diamonds a seller has, the more competitive advantage they have on Alibaba. In the following, we will specifically introduce the rules for obtaining these diamonds.

  • Transaction Value —— In the past period (probably 90 days), the total transaction amount and number of orders completed by this store on Alibaba's online platform. The data must be order information that can be tracked by the Alibaba platform, so it is not data that sellers can fabricate as they wish.

  • Response rate —— The proportion of seller's service personnel responding to buyer messages within 24 hours. The higher this number, the more proactive the seller's service is. You definitely don't want to work with a supplier who takes three days to reply to your messages.

  • Supplier Review —— The overall review score and number of reviews received by the seller in the past period (approximately 90 days) for the entire store. In fact, many buyers on Alibaba are not very enthusiastic about writing reviews for completed orders and sellers. So overall, the number of these reviews is not high. However, to some extent, it can also reflect the seller's performance in the impression of buyers who have already completed transactions (if the performance is not good, I believe most buyers will directly give a negative review). The total score is 5 points, and the closer it is to full marks, the more reliable the seller is.

Okay, today we have provided a brief explanation of several important indicators for verifying the legitimacy of Alibaba sellers. We hope it is helpful to you. If you have any more questions about Alibaba sellers, you can also leave us a message for further communication. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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