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Should you vacuum or dust first when cleaning?

When cleaning your house, do you wonder whether to vacuum or dust first? These two things cannot be skipped in order to make the house cleaner. So in what order can you get satisfactory results? This article will let you get the answer.

The answer given by many experts is that you should dust first. If you don't clean the dust in your home well, it will have a certain impact on your health. It is more harmful to those with asthma and allergies.

How can you control the generation of dust a little bit?

Open fewer windows, cut pets' hair regularly, put a cushion at the door, and try to enter the house without shoes, etc.

If you dust after vacuuming, there are a lot of fine dust particles floating in the air, as well as dust you've cleaned from all over the place. This will cause you to pick up the vacuum again. This makes you take on more work and takes up a lot of time.

But if you dust it first, you can wipe off most of the dust in your home. Although it can't be completely wiped clean, a small part will still float in the air and fall on the floor. But at this time, there is far less dust falling than before. At this time, you can vacuum them up to keep the house clean.

And there are many filters in today's vacuum cleaners. Usually a HEPA filter, which catches fine dust particles very well. For example, shark vacuum cleaners are completely sealed with anti-allergen and can capture 99.97% of dust. So the last step of vacuuming is very efficient.

Officials say Shark can capture 99.97% of dust and allergens.

Now that you know the cleaning sequence, how often should you clean it?

How often should you dust? For most items (such as lamps, ceiling fans, mirrors, etc.), you can clean them once or twice a week. Otherwise, when you clean up after too much dust accumulates, the dust that floats up will make you feel uncomfortable.

How often do you vacuum? Whether it's floors or carpets, vacuum two or three times a week. If there are a lot of people in the family or have pets, the frequency should be relatively increased to prevent dust from accumulating.

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