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Shark vs Dyson: which brand is better?

When you have a proper vacuum cleaner in your home, it's clean. A home free of dust and pet hair can be very comfortable. Keeping your home clean can be a good thing for people with dust allergies and asthma. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you probably think of Shark and Dyson. So which one of them cleans cleaner?

Why did you think of them both? Because they both work on the same principle. Both use pressure to move dust from one location to another. But there are many differences in other ways as well.


If you want to buy a fully functional vacuum cleaner, how much do you need to prepare? Dyson is more expensive than Shark, and the price difference between similar grades is about twice. But Dyson is lighter and has a larger overall size. For example, if you want to buy an upright vacuum cleaner from Shark, it will cost about 199- $499. And Dyson costs at least $399 to get an upright one. Sharks have a certain advantage in price, so is the price of Dyson reasonable in terms of performance?

Battery life

Cordless vacuums give users the flexibility to clean up areas that a corded vacuum can't. Choose a cordless vacuum because you want the battery to last a little longer. Dyson cordless lasts 40-120 minutes. If the oversized one can reach 120 minutes because it has an extra battery. And the shark also starts at 40 minutes, and some vacuums also have two batteries. So the running time is similar. If you want to choose a shark, it is best to choose a model with two batteries.


Both sharks and Dysons have similar attachments. Sharks are more likely to get into tight spaces and under furniture. Dyson is a little more technologically advanced than sharks. Dyson also has slightly more suction when it comes to cleaning floors. But the shark's double brush gives it a slight edge at picking up dirt.

Trash cans and filters

In terms of litter box size, sharks are generally larger than Dyson. Both can remove the litter box from the equipment. Dyson uses a five-layer filtration system to trap dust inside the machine. Sharks are completely sealed with anti-allergen and can empty themselves and are said to catch 99.97% of dust. Models that offer HEPA are much more expensive than models without HEPA.

Officials say it can capture 99.97% of dust and allergens.

Both the Shark and Dyson brands have their own advantages. Features and needs are your most important judgments when choosing which one to buy. If you want advanced technology and money is not an issue, you can choose Dyson. If you just want to meet your daily needs, then buying a shark is enough.


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