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It's hard to be surprised by The new Roomba Combo j7 Plus

Not long ago we talked about a new product that iRobot will be launching on October 4, and now the answer has been revealed - The new Roomba Combo j7 Plus!

Roomba Combo J7 lift the reg
New Roomba Combo j7 Plus

This is a vacuuming and mopping 2-in-1 robot, and frankly, such features really don't surprise consumers anymore. After we saw the pictures and videos of this robot, we had to feel once again that such a product is really very boring.

From the looks of it, the biggest highlight of the device is the ability to lift the rag assembly by itself, which serves to avoid the carpet and keep it dry. iRobot officially considers this feature to be way ahead of the competition, but in fact it's not ahead by any stretch of the imagination.

Check out the flagship models of your counterparts, check out the s7 MaxV from Roborock and the X1 Omni from Ecovacs.

If iRobot insists that this feature is a huge experience improvement, then we can see why the company is now so far behind on its products.

I hope that iRobot can really make some eye-catching features and products, which will soon be forgotten by the world if they remain in silence like this.


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