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iRobot bids farewell to the past 20 years and opens a new future

iRobot, the famous robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, recently posted 2 tweets on its official Twitter account saying that the company started a revolution 20 years ago and now the revolution will continue and mentioning a date of October 4, 2022. Maybe they are going to launch a new revolutionary product on this date? We'll see.

iRobot Twitter
iRobot Official Twitter Posts

It is a well-known fact that the Roomba line of products from iRobot is synonymous with sweeping robots, which once ruled the field and made their way into millions of homes with their outstanding performance. These Roomba's have conquered many home users by exceeding expectations.

Roborock Brand Logo
Chinese Brand - Roborock

However, nowadays, Roomba seems to be showing a bit of lack of aggressiveness in the past few years and is being overtaken or even left far behind by some Chinese brands. These Chinese brands may have become the first choice of many floor cleaning robot fans, such as Roborock, Ecovacs and Dreame, among others.

Why are these Chinese robot vacuum cleaners' brands succeeding and gradually overtaking iRobot in the market? I don't think this can be summed up in a few words, but at least one thing is clear: iRobot is not so advanced and not so cool anymore.

Take a look at iRobot's flagship model, which has always appeared as a catch-up player in the market, even as many features are now completely behind their Chinese competitors in the same class.

Chinese brands of vacuum cleaner robots, in addition to being more cost-effective, always give consumers some surprises in terms of product features.

We recognize that iRobot is a company whose products were once brilliant, but there's no denying that they're not as good anymore, and they've probably been in their comfort zone for too long.

Amazon buy iRobot
Amazon’s $1.7 billion acquisition of Roomba maker iRobot

Not long ago, e-commerce giant Amazon acquired the company iRobot, and we also know that Amazon wants a piece of the pie in the smart home field, so the intention of acquiring iRobot seems to be a good guess, and I hope that after Amazon's acquisition, iRobot can launch some eye-catching products.

More competition is the best outcome for consumers, who can buy better products for less money, so let's look forward to iRobot on October 4th.


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