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How to use the Crevice Tool of the vacuum cleaner

When the vacuum cleaner you buy arrives at your home, you will find different accessories inside after unpacking it. We talked about the various accessories of the vacuum cleaner before, so do you know how to use them to help you clean your home? You should make full use of your vacuum cleaner to do all the things it can do. In this article, we focus on the use of the Crevice Tool.

What is a Crevice Tool?

Normally, if you buy an upright or canister vacuum, you will receive a crevice tool in the package. It is mainly a flat, long, pointed attachment used to clean corners and small spaces. You can connect it to the end of a hose or wand, and it can reach places you couldn't before. Used to clean under sofas, under furniture, and inside cars.

Where you can use the Crevice Tool

The kitchen cupboard and where the seasoning is placed are the most prone to dust and stains. The crevice tool is the perfect tool for cleaning these areas, you can insert it into the crevice inside the cupboard to vacuum. If you have a brush attachment, it will be easier to clean spills on the table.

Skirting edge

Whether your skirting is tile, floor, or carpet, you can use the crevice tool to clean the edges of the skirting.


The Crevice Tool can also clean the crevice between the sofa cushions well, and it can be deep into the crevice for vacuuming.

Under the laundry and under the refrigerator

You may not be able to carry these bulky household appliances, and the broom may not be able to get into the deepest part. Then the crevice tool can help you suck dust and dirt out of the washing machine, refrigerator, and dryer.

Under the car seat

It's also great for vacuuming small spaces under car seats, and you can also use them to clean the entire interior of your car.


The crevice tool is a useful accessory that can help you clean up a lot of places. If you don't already have this accessory, you can go to Amazon or Vacuum Brand Store to buy it.


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