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Vacuum cleaner accessories

Vacuum accessories make cleaning easier, especially in hard-to-clean areas. If you use the right vacuum accessories, they can help you clean stairs, lights, windows, and more. But how to choose an accessory for your vacuum cleaner can be confusing, and we'll show you the accessory information for most vacuum cleaners for your reference.

With the right accessories, you can access locations that are usually difficult to clean. In addition to the basic accessories, there are some accessories that meet your cleaning needs. Such as fan dust collectors, multi-angle brushes, computer cleaners, etc.

Standard Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
Extension Wand

It helps the vacuum cleaner reach all parts of the room, giving you more reach. You can get in touch with fan blades, lights, chimneys, vents, etc. It also avoids the hassle of using a ladder inside the house. It keeps your arms close to your body and prevents fatigue.

Upholstery Tools

You can use this tool to clean dust and dirt from upholstery. This accessory is wide and great for removing dust from cushions, sofas.

Crevice Tool

With its slim shape, it can clean narrow places in the house. For example, clean corners, between sofa crevices, skirting lines, etc., and vacuum car seats.

Dusting brush

This brush usually has a round head and its bristles are soft. It can help you clean surfaces you want to vacuum without scratching. Such as windowsills, blinds, curtains, photo frames and lampshades, without any scratches.

Miele dusting brush

Additional Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
Fan Blade Duster

Attaching this attachment to the extension stick makes it easy to reach and wrap around each fan blade and remove all the dirt from there.

Floor brush

It is a wide brush with short bristles. Used to clean tile or hardwood floors. They can also be used to vacuum low-down carpets.

Mattress accessories

Use this accessory to remove dust or allergens from your mattress.

Multi-Angle Brush

Use the accessory's nylon bristles to clean wardrobes, door frames, and other often hard-to-reach areas.


When you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you can buy some accessories according to your needs. Each of them has its own use and can effectively clean any part of the house. Use them correctly and make your home cleaner.


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