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How to solve Dyson airway blockage?

When a Dyson vacuum cleaner has a blocked airway, the suction force may decrease. or even you may not feel suction. As a result, the vacuum cleaner will no longer work properly, so it is especially important to solve this problem. Many Dyson users may encounter this problem, so how to solve it?

If your vacuum cleaner shows a clogged airway, it may be the result of a clogged filter. If this is the case, you can fix it by changing the filter. But there are other reasons for this, such as:

Filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly and are poorly maintained.

The dust collection container was not emptied in time.

Vacuuming a lot of large debris and dirt.

Vacuumed some sticky dirt.

Dyson parts connection error.

Blocked air intake

If you use accessories that are not Dyson's own, it may also cause the vacuum cleaner to clog over time. So you must always buy vacuum parts and accessories that fit Dyson, otherwise it will cause some damage to your vacuum cleaner.

When the airway of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is blocked, if you don't solve the problem immediately, it may cause the suction to drop. In severe cases, even the vacuum cleaner will have no suction, so solve it as soon as possible. Of course, worse situations may also occur:

Suction decreased or suction completely disappeared

Vacuum performance will continue to decline

The vacuum cleaner won't cool well, causing the Dyson to break.

The vacuum cleaner may have some unpleasant odors.

May cause a large number of allergens to be released sharply, resulting in an increased risk of allergies.

How to solve the problem of airway blockage?

Before you start solving this problem, you should know where the blockage is. If you are not clear about the description below, you can watch the video on YouTube.

First you need to disassemble all the Dyson detachable parts. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. If the blue light doesn't flash, you need to check the vacuum cleaner lever and parts for blockages. If the blue light keeps flashing, you need to check the dust container and remove dirt. After doing this, press and hold the button for another 15 seconds. If the blue light doesn't flash, it means it's solved. If it still flashes, you need to remove the dust container and clean it thoroughly. Finally assemble it all, press and hold the button for 10 seconds. If the blue light doesn't flash, it will return to normal.


To prevent clogging of your Dyson vacuum cleaner's airways, you need to maintain or clean your vacuum regularly. You also need to empty the dust collection container regularly, even if it's not full. Replace worn or damaged parts in a timely manner to maintain their optimal performance.


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