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How to replace a vacuum belt?

During the use of any vacuum cleaner, the belt will wear out. If you can replace it at home, you will save money on going to the repair shop. Replacing a belt is a simple matter, let's learn how to change a belt at home.

The first step in replacing a belt is the need to purchase a belt that is suitable for your vacuum cleaner. Each machine model is different and the steps to replace the belt may vary. These differences are unavoidable, but the way this article operates is broad. You can also watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

Operation process

Take a shark vacuum cleaner as an example. Remember to unplug the power cord before starting operation.

When you remove the cover, you will see the roller brush and the belt next to the roller brush. If the belt is worn or broken, remove any debris you can see first. Then remove the roller brush, keeping it in a side orientation. Remove hair and other debris from the roller brush. Then remove the old belt from the groove.

Remove the screws and remove the roller brush

After removing, clean the brush roller chamber and the inside of the vacuum first to avoid dust or small particles remaining inside to damage the new belt. Keep away from all sharp objects before replacing the new belt. Install one end of the new belt on the motor shaft and then stretch it into the groove of the roller brush. The belt should be straight and not twisted in any way. The belt can be adjusted as needed to ensure it is installed correctly.

Place one end of the belt in the slot next to the roller brush

Install the end of the roller brush in the slot and rotate the roller brush a few times to secure the belt. If it's ok, you can replace it with a new cover. If not, use the previous cover and screw all the screws on, be sure to tighten some. Make sure everything is back to normal before using the vacuum again.

Close the lid


Change the belt of your vacuum cleaner frequently to make sure it works properly. Usually 3-12 months. After a period of use, its fit will deteriorate and may hinder the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Avoid running on thick carpets for too long, the belt will overheat and break or even smoke, which will also stop working.


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