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How to Clean a Miele Vacuum Cleaner

We all know that cleaning a vacuum is good for it and can prolong its life. You buy a vacuum for a few hundred dollars, such as a Miele vacuum. You definitely want it to last longer than a cheap vacuum, and that requires you to clean and maintain it. Because no matter which style of vacuum you need to clean, it doesn't make a difference because it cleans well.

Let's take bagless and bagged vacuums as an example. No matter which one you clean, the first step is to turn off all the power first.

Clean bagless vacuum cleaner

If you have a bagless vacuum, such as the Miele Blizzard CX1. It has a handle that opens the dust box and accesses the filter, and you can press the Comfort Clean button to clean the filter for you. The best thing about the Miele bagless is that if the filter is too dirty and needs to be cleaned, it automatically turns off and performs the Comfort Clean function.

For a better cleaning experience, you can put it in water and rinse it off with clean water. Wait for it to dry completely before reassembling. The dust can also needs to be cleaned regularly because it is transparent so you can see how much dust is inside. But be sure to clean its hose to see if there are any blockages in the hose.

Finally, wipe the case with a damp cloth.

Clean bagged vacuum cleaner

Bagged vacuums mean that all dust and dirt collects in a replaceable bag. So when cleaning, it's best to take the vacuum bag out in its entirety and replace it. If you vacuum twice a week, a vacuum bag will last about two months. Most Miele vacuums will light up when the bag needs to be replaced, but it's best to replace it before it fills up.

Before placing a new bag, the dust compartment needs to be wiped down. Inserting the bag correctly will make it last longer.

The filter is located behind the dust bag and may turn grey after a few uses, but this does not need to be replaced. You can take it out and beat the dust over the trash can. But there are several models with HEPA filters that can be washed.

Brushes are also one of the highlights of Miele. Separate them from the hose and turn them over to see the fixing screws. Remove the screws and take out the brush. Remove the hair, debris and other debris attached to it, which you can do better with scissors. You can put the brush in water to better remove residual dust particles.

Clean up the Miele vacuum cleaner

The cleaning process of other types of vacuum cleaners is similar. The filter and dust tank or vacuum bag should be checked regularly. These are the more important parts of the vacuum and need more attention. Proper cleaning and maintenance can make the vacuum cleaner last longer.


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