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How to clean a Hoover vacuum cleaner filter?

We use vacuums to keep our homes clean, so cleaning your vacuum regularly will also keep the vacuum at its best. The most important thing is to clean its filter, which will keep the suction in good condition. Hoover vacuums will have different filter positions depending on the model. If you don't know where it is, you can check the manual.

Before cleaning the filter, you want to make sure your vacuum cleaner is completely turned off. Then remove the dust collection container from the vacuum cleaner, the filter is usually located in the trash can or filter can.

Clean or replace filter

Hoover recommends dusting the filter once a week or cleaning it once a month for optimal performance. If you haven't cleaned it in a long time, you'll need to go to an open area as the filter can get dirty. After cleaning the dust off it, rinse it with clean water. Wash it a few more times until the water is clean. Then squeeze it out and leave it in a ventilated place until completely dry before reassembling.

If it's a HEPA filter, just take it off and tap it next to the trash can. It cannot be rinsed and may damage the filter.

During the cleaning process, if you find that the filter is worn or broken, you need to buy a new one in time to replace it. Hoover recommends replacing it once a year, but it depends on your usage. If you use the vacuum a lot, you can't replace it once a year.

No matter what type of filter you clean, the cleaning method is pretty much the same. It's best not to add detergent to rinse it as it may damage it. Make sure the filter is dry before reassembling, otherwise it will destroy your vacuum.

In summary:

Emptying the filter is good for the performance and condition of the vacuum cleaner. These are some very simple steps. After reading this article, you will feel that cleaning the filter is easy. If you find wear and tear, you need to replace it in time, otherwise the performance of the vacuum cleaner will decline.


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