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How to buy eufy robovac 11s replacement accessories

eufy robovac 11s and the replacement parts for this robot? It’s a question, today let us do some research for you.

Many families buy sweeping robot products usually need to replace accessories regularly, such as its filters, brushes or rags, because in daily use these accessories are subject to wear and tear, so after a long time, do not replace them will affect the cleaning performance of the machine.

eufy robovac 11s official website

eufy Robovac 11S official

Many American families have bought a product of eufy, anker’s intelligent cleaning brand, called robovac 11s, which is a very cost-effective robot with a very thin and light design and a passable vacuuming ability. Now in the United States Amazon this machine still has an average daily sales of several hundred units, the cumulative number of sales has long exceeded one million.

eufy robovac 11s official replacement kit

original robovac 11s replacement parts kit

So how to buy eufy robovac 11s products accessories is the problem that many families need to face, on Amazon or eufy’s official website can be purchased eufy original accessories, but the overall price is not expensive, in fact there are many third-party alternatives can be a perfect replacement for these original products. Search on Amazon and you will see a large number of alternative sets, the price may be half of the original accessories.

third party seller sells parts for eufy 11s robots

3rd party replacement parts kits for eufy 11s

But many people are easily confused, mainly because eufy 11s series has a max version, the full name is eufy robovac 11s max, its accessories and eufy 11s compared to the filter is not the same, completely non-interchangeable use. This filter is also very good to distinguish, 11s max has a blue plastic package outside, and is not removable. So look carefully at what the filters in the kit look like when you buy to avoid buying the wrong one.

eufy 11s and eufy 11s max difference

difference of the filters

However, as sellers, we find that the vast majority of buyers do not read product descriptions carefully and do not have the patience to compare the differences in pictures, so they often default to the eufy 11s max accessories and eufy 11s are common, which causes a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

So here we are today with a short article like this one, introducing these differences.If you have purchased the wrong accessory because of carelessness, please return the item to Amazon promptly and choose to purchase the correct accessory. And it’s best not to go leaving a negative review for this product, because in most cases it’s the buyer himself who didn’t carefully identify the difference.

In addition, the eufy 11s accessories are fully compatible with the following models: 11S, 12, 15T, 15C, 25C, 30, 30C, 35C (note that these are not max versions)


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