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How Many Watts is a Good Vacuum Cleaner?

Watts are one of the factors to consider when buying a vacuum. So how many watts is the best vacuum? There is no particularly clear answer to this question. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the stronger the suction and the better the cleaning effect. So, if you have a vacuum with a high wattage, it will definitely work better than a vacuum with a low wattage.

When choosing wattage for your vacuum cleaner, factors you should consider include room furniture type, cleanliness, and more.

What factors affect power?

One: Type of floor. Hardwood boards require more force to collect dust.

Two: the type of carpet. The fluff height of the carpet determines how much compression the fibers will undergo and how much heat is generated.

Vacuum cleaners come in different wattages, do you know which one is better for you?

Most vacuum cleaners on the market today have a power range of about 600-1400 watts. But it does not mean that high wattage and strong suction are suitable for your home.

First, consider the size of your home. If you have pets and stairs in your home, a high wattage vacuum will suit you better.

Second, your floor type. Low wattage vacuums are more carpet friendly, while high wattage vacuums are more floor friendly.

Third, your needs. If the wattage is high, the suction force will be large, and the cleaning effect will be good.

Fourth, your budget. Generally speaking, the natural price of high wattage will also be high.

The energy consumption of the average household vacuum cleaner model is 1440 watts. But for most people, a 1000 watt vacuum is enough to clean your home. If your house is large or has a lot of thick carpets, then you may need a large wattage vacuum. Wattage is only one of the factors to consider when you choose to buy a vacuum. However, this factor is more important and you can take a good look at it.


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