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How does a pool vacuum cleaner work?

Different types of vacuums are used for different jobs. There are not only vacuums that can vacuum the floor, but also vacuums that can clean the pool. Cleaning is a must if you want to have a hygienic, clean pool. There are two types of pool vacuums: automatic and manual. But either type can draw dust, dirt and other debris from the bottom. If you want to learn more about the vacuum, read on.

Why do swimming pools need to be vacuumed?

There may be some dirt, sand, leaves and other dirt in the pool that will enter the pool at some point and land on the bottom of the pool. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the pool will look dirty and bacteria will grow.

How does a pool vacuum cleaner work?

It works much like a standard vacuum except that they suck in water. Pool vacuums work using a pool filtration system. The vacuum head is attached to a hose and then to a slag skimmer. When the vacuum cleans at the bottom of the pool, it collects a lot of dirt, filters it out through a filter, and returns the clean water to the pool. Using a pool vacuum is a great way to maintain the hygiene of the pool.

Automatic and manual pool vacuums

A manual pool vacuum means you need to do these things yourself. It's a hand-held, hose-connected one. It uses suction to clean the pool, and dirt is sucked from the bottom of the pool and into the pool filtration system to be removed.

An automatic pool vacuum does everything by itself, as its name suggests. It works on electric power. It is propelled by the water column produced by the pump and moves around the bottom of the pool in a random fashion. Because it is automatic, you will see a clean pool when you get home from get off work. All you have to do is empty the filter element or filter basket in time.

There are also several types of automatic vacuum cleaners, namely side suction type, side pressure type and robot type.

How often is the pool cleaned?

Clean it before and during use. If you use it regularly, you will need to do a lot of cleaning. After it is completely closed, there is no need to clean it, but also be careful that the area under the pool is not blocked by fallen leaves or dust.


A good way to keep your pool clean is to buy a pool vacuum, which works differently depending on the type. You need to understand and decide who is more suitable to buy based on your needs.


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