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Eufy vs Roomba: Which brand is better?

More and more people are using vacuum cleaners to clean their homes, which is convenient and time-saving. In this case, it is very important to choose an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. Eufy and Roomba are also relatively high-quality vacuum cleaners, and they are constantly innovating in technology to improve their shortcomings. For some newbies, it will be difficult to choose who will clean the home, so how to choose?

We will analyze and compare the two from the following aspects to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner you want.


This brand is relatively new in the vacuum cleaner space, but it's reasonably priced. Eufy is part of Anker Innovations, one of America's leading and most trusted consumer electronics brands. It offers a range of products that showcase new technologies and provide smarter cleaning.

Eufy RoboVac X8


Rommba is a little more famous than Eufy, and few people don't know it. It's the more popular robot vacuum cleaner, and there are many models to choose from. iRobot launched the Roomba on the market in 2002, and the Roomba is distributed and sold by iRobot. Its price may be a bit high, but they have high-end technology and design, and are easy to use.

Roomba s9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum


iRobot provides seven different models of robot vacuum cleaners, and according to different models, the functions provided are also different. For example, the J7 can identify obstacles very well.

Eufy has seventeen models to choose from in the US. For example, the high-end model X8, which has greater suction and map technology, while the G series is a mid-range model, which does not store maps, so it will be cleaned randomly.


In terms of price, the Roomba sells for around $300-1000, while the Eufy is slightly lower at around $200-900. There is a certain disparity in price, but the more expensive vacuum cleaner will be more efficient. If you want a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner for your home, the Eufy is a good choice. But if you want a vacuum with some advanced features, the Roomba is for you.

Suction and cleaning

In terms of suction, the roomba is clearly better. For example, the better G30 of the Eufy model has a suction of 2000Pa, while the Roomba S9 + has a suction of 2500Pa. And the Roomba also has certain advantages in terms of cleanliness. Not only does it have a suction of 2500Pa, but it also has a self-emptying base. It also has good mapping and virtual wall functions.


In terms of function choice, no matter who you choose, you can make your home clean and clean. But in some smart features, the two have different functions. For example, the Roomba has "dirt detection" technology. If the vacuum cleaner finds that there is a lot of dust in an area, it will spend a lot of time cleaning that area. The high-end model of Eufy will follow a logical route when cleaning, while other models will not store maps, so it will do random route cleaning.

Who is more suitable to choose?

All that said, the Roomba is your best bet. It's full of smarts, and it has a self-emptying base. The Eufy is an affordable option, but it doesn't have a lot of feature options. Ultimately it comes down to what your needs are and what you want out of a vacuum.


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