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Dreame X40 Pro Unboxing and Advantages

In this era of rapid technological development, I believe that the configuration of the robot vacuum cleaner is perfect enough. However, in the face of complex home environments, it is indeed a difficult task to really achieve all-round 3D dead-angle-free cleaning. As a leader in the field of robot vacuum cleaner, Dreame has recently launched a new robot vacuum cleaner -- Dreame X40 Pro, which has been upgraded many times on the basis of the previous flagship X30 series, especially in the cleaning of narrow gaps and corners.

The exterior design of the Dreame X40 Pro is simple and unobtrusive, with a black matte craft shell with a protruding LDS navigation module that blends easily into a variety of furniture styles. The following video is a simple unboxing and introduction made by techTongBo Team.

⬆️ Check the exterior design and body composition of Dreame X40 Pro ⬆️

It has a dust box capacity of 300ml and with the automatic dust collection function of the base, it is completely sufficient for daily use. The base has a reasonable layout, and the components of the main brush, side brush and mop have been optimized and upgraded, with the introduction of a bionic dual mechanical arm that makes the side brush and mop retractable.

The appearance of the side brushes has been upgraded and mounted on the robotic arms, effectively expanding the cleaning range to corners and edges. The mop parts on both sides have a slightly different mounting structure on the robot vacuum cleaner. One side supports outward expansion for cleaning and the mop can be lifted.
Dreame X40 Pro Has Dual Robotic Arm Design For More Effective Cleaning Of Corners
Dual robotic arm design for more effective cleaning of corners

Moreover, the Dreame X40 Pro is equipped with a super suction power of 13,000 Pa. This level of suction power is currently top of the line among robot vacuum products, and is especially effective in cleaning special scenarios such as carpets, cookie crumbs, and cat food. Includes functions such as automatic mop washing, automatic mop drying, and automatic central dust collection.

In particular, the interior of the base station also incorporates UV ultraviolet sterilization and silver ion sterilization module, which effectively inhibits bacteria and deodorizes and guarantees the cleanliness and hygiene of the mop.

In addition, the base station also supports voice control and APP remote control, and practical functions such as pet care mode and smart hosting are provided in the APP to meet the personalized needs of different users. If you have pets at home, this machine will be a good choice. Not only that, the robot vacuum cleaner also supports the voice assistant function, which allows users to control the robot to carry out cleaning tasks through voice commands, truly realizing the convenient experience of a smart home.

The Dreame X40 Pro is divided into two different versions
On The Left Is The Slim Base Station Of The Dreame X40 Pro.

As for the dock, dreame has launched a new version this time —— the ultra-thin embedded water supply and drainage Dock . There are also versions with water tanks and automatic water supply and drainage options available.

Dreame x40 pro Setting the ramp function
You can specify the climbing location in the app

A less common feature is the ability to designate an area in the app that tells the robot to climb a ramp at a specified location, where ramp accessories need to be placed beforehand. This will help the robot to cross higher thresholds in your home.

What the Dreame X40 Pro is currently showing is a flagship model that is somewhat innovative, more powerful and comprehensive in terms of features, and positioned relatively high end, so if you've got the budget for it, it's a machine that's well worth considering.


techTongBo (also named: Nanjing TongBo / NJTB) is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture and sales of vacuum cleaner accessories. We offer replacement accessories for the global market that are compatible with mainstream vacuum cleaner brands and have stronger price advantages.


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