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Accessories - Accessory Details for Dreame D9

If your vacuum parts need to be replaced, do you know how to choose a suitable replacement? Most accessories can be obtained from the official website or third-party shopping platforms, so do you know how to choose accessories that match your product? In this article, we take 「Dreame D9」as an example to help you solve this problem.

Dreame D9 is a 2-in-1 sweeping robot and mopping robot. It has a long-running time, about 150 minutes. It has powerful cleaning and drawing capabilities and automatically increases to maximum suction when a carpet is detected. Even in dark environments, the lidar system can detect the surrounding environment and generate maps. Includes four cleaning modes: Standard, Mute, Turbo and Power Mode. Can also perform large area coverage and partition cleaning.

「The picture below is the main accessories of the Dreame D9」

In the table above, we show you the information of different accessories from various angles, so that you can observe the product carefully and then buy it. You can directly search for your model on the official website or AliExpress accessories page to get the correct information on accessories. Of course, their size is sometimes very important, and there may be such information in the operation manual. You can also measure it yourself to determine the size of the accessories you need to buy.

Models that work with Dreame D9 accessories

* Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

* Dreame Bot L10 Pro

* Dreame Bot D9 Mistral

* Dreame Bot D9 Mistral Pro

* Dreame Bot D9 Pro

* Dreame Bot D9 Max

*Trouver Robot LDS Vacuum-Mop Finder

You may get original or compatible accessories to solve your problem. If you need to replace something important, then original accessories may give you more peace of mind; but if you just need to replace a rag or roller brush, then compatible and cheap accessories you will prefer.


If your vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced with accessories, then you need to know the correct information about the accessories. After understanding it clearly, make a purchase, so that you can choose the right new accessories for your vacuum cleaner.



techTongBo (also named: Nanjing TongBo / NJTB) is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture and sales of vacuum cleaner accessories. We offer replacement accessories for the global market that are compatible with mainstream vacuum cleaner brands and have stronger price advantages.

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