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All-in-one DreameBot L10s Ultra

The DreameBot L10s Ultra is the latest robotic vacuum cleaner and mop from the Dreame brand. It's a comfortable vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction and automatically cleans the mop and dries. If you're interested in it, keep reading.

Appearance and Navigation

Visually, like most vacuums, it has a circular appearance. The laser tower of the DreameBot L10s Ultra is located slightly forward on the top of the fuselage. In addition to laser navigation, advanced artificial intelligence utilizes RGB cameras and 3D structured light to quickly customize cleaning strategies, avoid obstacles and quickly clean your floor. For homes with a mix of floors and carpets, the DreameBot L10s Ultra uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically turn on/off the mop function and adjust the suction force accordingly when cleaning different types of floors. But it is 9.7 cm high, so it is not suitable for cleaning sofas or under beds.

Suction and battery

It has a powerful suction of up to 5300Pa, which can suck debris and dust out of carpets and hard floors. At the same time, it has a powerful 5200mAh battery, which provides the DreameBot L10s Ultra with up to three hours of cleaning time in quiet mode, without charging in between. And it only sounds 59 decibels when cleaning.

Self-emptying system

In addition, the DreameBot L10s Ultra self-emptying system utilizes their exclusive DualBoost 2.0 technology to blow air into the robot's trash can while the vacuum cleaner sucks air into the dust collection bag on 3L of the dock. Its self-emptying can provide you with automatic cleaning for up to 60 days, and you only need to change the bag regularly.

blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag

Mopping the floor

When the robot returns to the base station, it automatically raises the mop to avoid soiling the floor that has already been cleaned. The automatic cleaning mop is to immerse the mop in water and rotate the mop at high speed so that it faces the groove in the removable baseplate to remove dirt on it. After cleaning is complete, the hot air will dry the mop within 2 hours. It is to prevent the mop from producing odors, bacteria or mold growth.

L10s Ultra raises the mops when returning to the base station


Controlled through the app, you can customize your cleaning schedule and adjust water and suction levels. You can also create multiple maps and set up virtual walls, restricted areas. In addition, it supports Google and Alexa voice commands.


Automatic dust collection, mop cleaning, drying, adding solution, and more combine to make fully automatic cleaning a daily thing. Currently, the DreameBot L10s Ultra is priced at $1,299. For its performance, it's worth buying at that price.

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Umar BinSaad
Umar BinSaad
Mar 27, 2023

Looking for replacement motor for the auto empty on the base station

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