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How to clean a vacuum cleaner brush?

In order to use the vacuum cleaner better, you need to clean the brush frequently. If the dirt on the vacuum brush cannot be completely removed, it will still return to your floor or carpet surface. It may also cause the vacuum suction to drop and not run. And it is not effective in removing dirt.

We all know that today's vacuum cleaners have two types of brushes, brush and rubber brush.

So how should we clean it up?

Clean brush

Because the brush is inside the vacuum, we first cut off the power. Make sure it is completely powered off before proceeding to the next step.

Next, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the baseplate. Most vacuum cleaners should have four screws to hold them in place. You can keep these screws in a safe position so you don't lose them while fiddling with the vacuum.

Once the baseplate is removed, you can easily remove the roller brush. Usually one end will slide out first, and then you can pull the roller brush out of the belt. Be careful not to damage the belt, or you will have to replace the belt. When taking it off, pay attention to the direction of the roller brush, which will make it easy to put it back after cleaning.

First remove the large pieces of debris or fluff on it by hand. Second, use scissors to cut the long hair attached to the surface sideways from the middle, so that the hair can be easily removed. Try a few more times until there is no hair on it. Make sure the bearing position is also clean. Second, remove the ends of the brush to remove any dust and debris hidden inside. Then re-cover.

Then soak the brush in soapy water and stir gently to better remove dirt and dust from the bristles. Rinse with water several times until the water is clear.

Then wipe the surface with a dry rag until the water on it is completely dry.

Now it's ready to be reassembled. You can use a wet wipe to remove any dust remaining on the case. Swipe the roller brush across the belt, then slide the end cap into the groove. Cover the baseplate and screw the four screws to finish.


Cleaning the brush is actually quite simple. If you have pets in your home or use the vacuum cleaner frequently, you need to check and clean the brush frequently, and if it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time.


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