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How to clean the brush of Robotock S7?

The main brush of the Roborock S7 is switched from a brush to a rubber brush. It is so that it can be easier to clean and will not tangle. But it still requires you to clean up often. So here, we'll take a look at how to clean the brush of the Roborock S7.

Rubber brush of Roborock S7

If you have a pet or a girl with long hair, it is important to clean the brush frequently. Plenty of pet hair and hair can be tightly wrapped around the brush. A similar situation has been mentioned in previous articles. It will greatly affect the efficiency of cleaning and the cleanliness of cleaning. If the cleaning interval is too long, the brush will also be damage. For example, if the hair wraps around the brush, it's easy to cut the brush.That's why it's important to clean the brush of Roborock S7 frequently.

Cleanup method

First, pinch the two white strips above the rubber brush and the rubber brush will pop up. Before removing and dismantling the brush, try to remember what it looks like. Or you can take a picture of it in case you forget how to assemble it. We could see a black lid at one end with a gray hat on the outside. Twist the gray lid and, if done properly, you can smoothly remove the hair wrapped around it. It's even possible that it will slip down on its own. Then the other end repeats this on the line. When installing, also pay attention to whether it matches the groove.

Reverse the gray part counterclockwise

Cleaning the brush of the robotock s7 is that simple and convenient. It's good to do this often. Because this will make your vacuum robot work well and achieve better cleaning results.

Accessories for the Amazon Roborock S7

The benefit of Roborock is that the accessories for every vacuum cleaner are almost identical. The only difference is the main brush, which has changed from the previous brush to the current rubber brush. If you need to replace any accessories, e.g. floating brushes, filters, side brushes, etc. Buying on the official website is generally very expensive, you can go to Amazon or AliExpress to buy these accessories. Replacing them is all simple, and there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube that can help you. So you don't have to worry about buying it home and not replacing it.


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