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What are the advantages of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T?

Do you have such a problem too? The hair will wrap around the vacuum cleaner's brush. Some people say that it can cut off with a knife or scissors. It is also said that the end can removed, and the hair will slide straight down, I think this is because his brush is a rubber brush. But that doesn't solve everyone's problem. I found out that not long ago Xiaomi launched the global Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T, which has patented anti-tangle technology.


Pet hair and hair are more or less present on the floor. When there is hair on the roller brush, the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is easily reduced. The Xiaomi S10T adds a row of metal blades to the main brush, with comb teeth underneath the roller brush. The comb straightens the hair tightly around the roller brush and cuts the hair quickly and efficiently by moving the built-in blade back and forth to ensure efficient cleaning. Also avoid the problem of manually cleaning up tangled hairs. And it's a washable roller brush, so it's durable.

Patented anti-tangle technology

In addition, the Xiaomi S10T has a powerful 8000pa suction power and a high-speed DC brushless motor. It can suck pet hair clean using its high-powered blower. Don't let go of any corner. In fact, 8000Pa is a super mode, while the standard mode only has a suction force of 2000Pa. You can also use the 4000Pa suction turbine mode for daily cleaning.

8000Pa power blower

In terms of navigation, it uses SLAM algorithm for planning the most efficient cleaning route. The new generation of LDS laser navigation helps devices achieve a 360° home complex environment, independent of light. Mapping is also one of the advanced configurations that come with it.

On the app, restricted areas can selected and assigned to prevent it from entering places you don't want it to go. In addition, laser systems and sensors protect the machine from obstacles in the path.


The Xiaomi Mi S10T has an abundant storage capacity of 5,200 mAh. If you own a house of about 180 square meters, you can clean it all with a single charge. You also don't need to worry about battery performance, when the battery is low, it will charge itself.

5200mAh high-capacity battery

The Xiaomi S10T brings a two-in-one approach that can manage sweeping and mopping at once. Equipped with a quick-open bin with a maximum storage capacity of 450ML, this means you don't have to clear the bin as often. On the other hand, it also has a tank with a water storage capacity of 250ML. Even if your house is big, it doesn't matter.


On AliExpress, its price is $399.


If you want to have a machine that doesn't have to manually remove tangles from brushes, And its performance and price are also more suitable for you, consider this global version of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T.


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