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Can robot vacuums clean corners?

There are more and more robot vacuums on the market, and most people think it is convenient to use them to clean. But now most robot vacuums are in the shape of discs. Have you ever thought about how it cleans corners?

Can it clean corners? In simple terms yes. So how does a robotic vacuum clean corners? Most robots use side brushes for cleaning. These side bristles send dust and debris into the roller brush below them as they clean.

Well, they're very good. But remember, this is a round machine. It may not be able to clean all the dust off the corners.

There is a machine on the market that uses a D-shape, the Neato. The Neato can enter corners and areas that cannot be accessed by circular robots. The D-shape is good for reaching those tight corners, and it has a front-facing brush that is good for sweeping dirt into the suction path.

Neato uses D-shaped cleaning

The new Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot has innovative cleaning technology. Its Clean Edge technology uses corner recognition and corner-like spray air, which improves edge cleaning by 50%.

New Shark has innovative cleaning technology

The Roomba also has an edge cleaning function, which is a cleaning setting. You can choose this function for it on the device or app. Of course, this is limited by model. It can be cleaned along the wall, looking for easily hidden dust and dirt. The Roomba has two sets of bristles: front-mounted and side-mounted. The side-mounted bristles are used to clean corners and walls. The side brush can reach places that the robot cannot. It throws dirt into places where the vacuum cleaner can reach during rotation.

According to some user reviews, the Roborock S6 can clean corners well. It has more complete functions and configurations, but is a little more expensive.

While these robots can clean corners or edges, they can't clean these areas very well. Whether it's a round or D-shaped device, it's often difficult to get into all corners. If you want to clean these areas thoroughly, you can choose a handheld or upright vacuum cleaner.


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