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Can robot vacuum cleaners replace upright vacuum cleaners?

It's a blessing not to be bothered by cleaning while watching TV or eating. It cleans your house by itself and has access to different rooms. The best thing is that it can also clean when you're not home. It will save you a lot of time and focus on other things. But this vacuum doesn't exactly clean where an upright vacuum can clean. For example it can't clean stairs because it can't run on stairs. There are also related videos on YouTube.

Dyson and Roomba review from YouTube

So do you think robot vacuum cleaners can replace upright vacuum cleaners? Compare from the following aspects.


The current price of high-end models of robot vacuum cleaners is more expensive, unless you think money is not a problem. If funds are limited, you can choose a high-quality upright vacuum cleaner to beat the robot vacuum cleaner cost-effectively. And in this era of rapid development of robots, the two vacuum cleaners that appeared at the same time, the upright vacuum cleaner will last longer than the robot vacuum cleaner.


While robotic vacuums work well in tidy rooms, carpets, and floors. But in cluttered rooms, they may not work because wires on the ground get tangled in their wheels. They also can't clean stairs like upright vacuums. If your home is two floors, the robot can't climb the steps and requires you to take it up the second floor.

shark upright vacuum cleaner to clean stairs


Robotic vacuums don't work as fast as upright vacuums. When you notice dirt on the floor, you turn on your robot and start working. It will take about 1-2 hours to clean. The upright robot can only clean the dirty position, which takes about 10 minutes. According to Consumer Reports research, the Miele upright can pick up more than half of the debris; the Samsung robot vacuum picks up less than 20%, which proves that for deep cleaning, the robot vacuum is not as powerful as the upright.

consumer reports


If you use an upright vacuum cleaner for a long time, you will often bend over when cleaning under the sofa or table. This will make your shoulders and back sore. Using a robot vacuum cleaner at this time will become easier. But for those vacuums that do not automatically empty the trash station, its litter box is relatively small. You need to help them empty frequently. Also, before starting to clean, you want to make sure that there are no large pieces of scraps of paper and other obstructions on the ground. Otherwise, it may get involved in the brush and cause it to not work.


Both are good vacuums. But to a certain extent, robot vacuums are slower than upright vacuums. And they are more expensive and update very quickly. If you have stairs in your home, upright vacuums have a certain advantage. Because it can clean places that robot vacuums can't.


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