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As long as the laser navigation sweeper, cleaning effect is the same?

Laser navigation sweeper laser head is essentially a laser rangefinder, by rotating a circle to measure the distance between the body and the surrounding obstacles to position themselves, and just know their relative position.

laser navigation sweeper

The follow-up by continuing to measure, calculate, stacking to obtain indoor floor plans and planning walking paths are dependent on the planning program algorithm to carry out, so the laser head is only a hardware base, the planning algorithm is a very important condition to determine the path of the sweeper walking, get out of trouble, return.

It is like all people have hands, and some people can use their hands to make models, repair cell phones, etc., because they have such skills, such brains. The planning process is equivalent to the skill of a sweeper, the mind of a sweeper.

To get out of trouble, for example, the domestic X-series round sweeper will rotate in place to try to find a way out, and the imported N-series D-type sweeper will step back and turn sideways to try to find a way out or even return the original way according to the route entered. The poor planning process of the sweeper is likely to be stuck inside the obstacles, such as the dining table, coffee table under the sofa, which is the reason why the laboratory test results and the actual use have such a large gap , a dining table plus 4 chairs at home there are 20 legs pestle on the ground, many crappy sweeper will be able to get in but not out, the laboratory can not be so complex “chairs and legs  “environment, the floor sweeper out of the test are too simple.

There are even some products that look like the laser head is spinning, but it’s just a fake that doesn’t provide data.


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