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AliExpress Standard Shipping - What problems do you encounter during shipping?

When you buy the vacuum cleaner accessories you want on AliExpress, all you have to do is wait patiently for the package to be delivered to you. But due to international logistics, it takes a long time to deliver to you. So when you receive the package, you may encounter some minor problems more or less. When you encounter these problems, should you choose to return the product or try to solve it yourself?

What problems might be encountered? Let's take three examples:

1. Why was the package not delivered?

2. Damaged packaging box or product?

3. Deformation of the bristles of the side brush?

How should these problems be solved?

* Why was the package not delivered?

This may be due to human error or a system error. This occurs when the package is marked as delivered by the deliveryman, but the package is still in the process of being delivered.

It may also be because the protection period for your order has expired. If the protection period has expired, AliExpress will automatically confirm receipt of the order. This may also be one of the reasons why it shows that it has been delivered but you did not receive it.

You can file a public dispute about this. In the order area of your personal account, you can find the button "Open Dispute". AliExpress has a variety of options, including "Full Refund" and "Product Refund and Return". If you did not receive the package,

please click the first option」.

* The box or product was damaged when receiving the package?

This can happen because of improper handling by the courier during transshipment, poor road conditions, and the packaging box is not strong enough, among other reasons.

It's the best thing if the box is damaged and the accessories inside are fine. But if the box is badly damaged and the accessories are also damaged, then you can contact the seller to deal with it.

* After opening the courier box, you find that the bristles of the side brush are deformed?

This problem is easy to solve. Since the product is easily crushed by an international delivery, and the side brush is made of plastic or silicone, it is easy to be squeezed and deformed during transportation. At this time, you only need to scald it with hot water, which will not affect the normal use effect of the product.

Soak a deformed robotic vacuum side brush in hot water


When you encounter these problems, you can use this article as a reference. Most of the problems can be solved well by communicating with the seller, and some simple cases can even be solved by themselves.


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