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6 Major Upgrades to Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in 2024

By 2024, the phenomenon of overwork and intense competition, known as "neijuan" in China, has affected various industries, including the robotic vacuum cleaner sector. Major Chinese brands such as Roborock, Ecovacs, Dreame, and Narwal have established their presence in the global market and achieved leading positions in several technological aspects. As a result, Chinese consumers have been among the first to enjoy the convenience brought by these new technologies.


Here are some of the upgraded features introduced by these brands this year:

 1. Slimmer Design: Reducing the height of the vacuum cleaner body effectively expands the cleaning area, eliminating blind spots under furniture. For instance, the Roborock V20 removed the top protruding LiDAR module and relocated it to the side of the body, resulting in a record-breaking slimness of just 8.2cm. The Dreame X40 Pro Ultra upgraded to a self-rising panoramic LiDAR, reducing its height to 8.8cm. Ecovacs X2S also developed an embedded LiDAR, achieving a super slim body of 9.5cm. 

The body height of the Roborock V20 is 8.2cm.
The Roborock V20 has a slim body that can easily fit into tight spaces, including the gaps under furniture.

2. Dual-Arm Design: Corner cleaning is a crucial factor in evaluating the cleaning capability of robotic vacuum cleaners. In this regard, several leading brands have adopted a consensus by adding extendable mechanical arms to their machines. These arms allow the side brushes and mopping modules to extend outward, enabling effective cleaning of corners and edges.

The following video is a simple unboxing and introduction made by our techTongBo staff.

In the video, you can see that the Roborock V20 features a dual-arm design, with one arm equipped with a side brush and the other arm with a mop.

3. Powerful Suction: The latest flagship models from Roborock can achieve suction power of up to 11,000Pa, while Narwal 001 boasts 12,000Pa suction power. Ecovacs X5 Pro reaches 12,800Pa, and Dreame takes it even further to 13,000Pa. These numbers were unimaginable just a year ago.

4. Hair-Cutting Technology: Roborock utilizes hidden blades for hair cutting, while Dreame employs hair-cutting roller brushes. Ecovacs, on the other hand, focuses on a pet- and floor-friendly strategy by using a tooth-like structure to comb through hair, reducing tangles.

Dreame X30 Hair Cutting Roller Brush
The self-sharpening roller brush can effectively reduce hair entanglement by cutting hair during the operation of the machine. It is particularly suitable for households with pets.

5. Adjustable main brush, mopping cloth, and side brushes with lift function, and secondary cleaning for heavy-duty areas: With the support of AI technology, pure sweeping, pure mopping, and multi-step cleaning for heavily soiled areas have become possible to cater to different types of flooring. Brands have also introduced dedicated pet modes to meet market demands.

6. High-Temperature and Active Water Cleaning for Mopping Cloths: To ensure thorough cleaning of mopping cloths, Ecovacs X5 Pro increases water temperature from 60°C to 70°C and employs flowing water for cleaning, resulting in a cleaner mop. Narwal 001 can identify stains and adjust cleaning temperature accordingly, with a maximum water temperature of 75°C to thoroughly clean heavily soiled mops.

 As a professional manufacturer of robotic vacuum accessories, we continuously monitor the technological advancements in the industry. Our mission is to provide global businesses with the latest and most comprehensive replacement parts at competitive prices, helping you seize opportunities in the market.

In addition, there have been numerous upgrades in various details. Technological advancements have significantly enhanced the cleaning performance and user convenience of robotic vacuum cleaners. Some of the mentioned models do not currently have international versions, but they have gained popularity overseas, and it is expected that they will be released in foreign markets soon.


techTongBo (also named: Nanjing TongBo / NJTB) is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture and sales of vacuum cleaner accessories. We offer replacement accessories for the global market that are compatible with mainstream vacuum cleaner brands and have stronger price advantages.


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