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Roborock V20 UNBOXING and Simple Review

We believe that many families are now familiar with robot vacuum cleaners, and many new models from well-known brands will bring some impressive new features. Recently, Roborock, the world's top vacuum robot manufacturer, launched a new model called Roborock V20. in mainland China. This robot will help many households solve a long-standing problem.

The narrow gaps at the bottom of the furniture hinder the floor cleaning robot from effectively reaching and cleaning. Moreover, the excessive amount of objects scattered throughout the space creates numerous edges and corners that the robot cannot reach and address.

The height of the Roborock V20's body has been reduced to 8.2 centimeters, greatly expanding the cleaning area. It must be said that Roborock has truly hit the pain points of users this time. The small cap that was previously included with some models of robot vacuum cleaner is now gone, as the laser radar module has been moved to the side. This significantly reduces the height of the body. So, let us take a closer look at this "new dream robotic vacuum cleaner."

Roborock V20 in 2 types
the new V20 robot, which comes in two different versions

We bought the water tank version(On the right side of the figure), and there is also a mini smart version with a slightly lower height of only 405 millimeters.

The following video is a simple unboxing and introduction made by our techTongBo staff.

The top cover of the floor cleaning robot is remarkably smooth, and the magnetically attached design allows for easy opening, facilitating the removal of the dustbin and dust Filter for cleaning purposes.

On the side of the robot, the V20 utilizes a dual light source 3DToF solid-state lidar system, which employs modulated light reflections to enhance depth accuracy, resulting in more intuitive floor mapping. In practical scenarios, we can truly appreciate the increased speed and precision of the robot in mapping, obstacle avoidance, and stain recognition.

Roborock V20 solid-state lidar
3DToF solid-state lidar system

Upon examining the cleaning module at the bottom of the floor cleaning robot, we can observe that Roborock has continued to employ the previously successful DuoRoller Riser technology, featuring dual rubber brushes. Once the cover is installed, the blades on both sides work in conjunction to cut hair and prevent entanglement, a design also utilized in the previously introduced P10S Pro. Furthermore, the suction power of the Roborock V20 has been increased to 11000 Pa, placing it far ahead in terms of cleaning intensity. The side brush and mop module also employ the FlexiArm Design, utilizing dual mechanical arms to effectively clean deep into corners and crevices.

With the aid of AI technology, the robot can automatically recognize room types and floor materials, intelligently plan the cleaning sequence and intensity, making this feature highly practical. For households with pets, the Pet Mode 3.0 allows for a more thorough cleaning in active areas.

Additionally, both the main brush and mop of the floor cleaning robot can automatically lift, supporting both pure sweeping and pure mopping modes, a feature that has also been implemented in previous models.

Within the base station, there are compartments for clean water and dirty water. The clean water compartment can be equipped with silver ions, which work in conjunction with the automatically dispensed cleaning solution.Upon opening the front cover, we find a large-capacity disposable dust bag, maintaining both innovation and the practicality of convenient features such as high-temperature washing, drying, and automatic dust collection. During the process of cleaning the mop cloth, the curved enclosed scraping plate effectively reduces blind spots, and the cleaning plate can be easily removed for separate cleaning, providing a peace of mind experience.

The standard version of the Roborock V20 floor cleaning robot can be purchased in China for 4,799 yuan (approximately 660 USD), while the "smart water tank version" is priced at 5,399 yuan (approximately 750 USD). Currently, this model has not yet been released in the North American or European markets, but it is certainly worth looking forward to.

The Roborock V20 boasts an ultra-slim body as its standout feature, allowing it to navigate effortlessly even in low-height spaces. It is certain to provide you with a more comfortable and convenient cleaning experience.


techTongBo (also named: Nanjing TongBo / NJTB) is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture and sales of vacuum cleaner accessories. We offer replacement accessories for the global market that are compatible with mainstream vacuum cleaner brands and have stronger price advantages.


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