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Who should pay the shipping fee for returns on AliExpress?

Today, when I was browsing the posts in the AliExpress community, I found a small problem. A buyer encountered a problem about a refund and return dispute. He purchased an item but he may want to return it for some reason, and when he sends it back, he needs to enter the order tracking details. And the return package he received does not have a QR code or a printable label, so how does the seller pay for shipping?

  • How to return items on AliExpress?

There are two ways to return AliExpress: free return and self-expense return.

「Free returns」

Buyers don't need to pay any shipping fees during this process, you just need to log in to your AliExpress account and go to the order page. Add details and print the free return label, then go to the designated return point to send it back.

「Return at own expense」

During this process, you must pay the shipping fee to send the package safely back to the seller. This requires you to log in to your account to publicize the dispute. Send the package back and send the tracking number to the seller.

In the comments of this post, it is also said that if it is a "free return", you will receive an email with a shipping label. But there are also some posts that say that this function has been damaged, but if your item is a "wrong item", "damaged item", etc., there is no reason to return it for free. The final solution is to return it, and the shipping cost is borne by the seller. Because he proved that the item he received did not match the seller's description/specifications.

If you encounter some problems and want to return the goods, then you must contact the seller first. The solution will vary depending on the seller and product situation. Do you want a new replacement? Or do you want to return your money? You need to communicate in detail with the seller.

But in most cases, you may need to pay the shipping fee for sending the goods back. If it is an international package, the shipping fee can be very high. Therefore, if you receive a defective but cheaper item, you can apply for a refund instead of sending it back yourself. Otherwise, you will bear more costs.

Reminder: Please provide the tracking number within 10 calendar days on your dispute details page. If you fail to respond or provide returning tracking numbers before the deadline, the payment will be released to the seller.

Finally, you can receive your refund within one to three weeks, and to get a refund, you must send the tracking number to your seller.


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