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Where to buy the Replacement Filters for BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster HHVKF10

For those of you who use the BLACK+DECKER HHVK* Dustbuster handheld Vacuum Cleaners, you will often struggle to find HHVKF10 filter accessories, as these filters can become clogged and broken to varying degrees over time, and without access to suitable replacement filters, the whole hoover will no longer work. So this is a very important matter.

Usually we would consider going to the official BLACK+DECKER website to find information on purchasing official accessories, but unfortunately this accessory is not available on the official BLACK+DECKER website and they currently offer some third party outlets for official accessories such as Amazon. Strangely enough, the Amazon shop is very short of stock of this range of filters, which are often sold out. The price of official accessories is very high.

Official Replacement Filter for HHVKF10

On Amazon we see the official shop selling it for $9.75 and there is only 1 left in stock.

So can we find quality and reliable third party filter accessories through other sources? Actually yes, and there are many of them on Amazon. Most of these sellers are from China, as many of the official products are also commissioned from Chinese suppliers, so the whole industry chain is well developed in China and it is perfectly understandable that there are many third party companies offering these alternatives.

We have seen a third party shop selling a compatible product of the same type for 40% of the price of the original, which is very good value for money. Many people may say that there is a difference in quality between the third party product and the original, we cannot deny that there are some differences, but in use there is little of a difference, the filter level used on this type of hoover is not particularly high and changing the cheap filter regularly will help you to have a good experience with your hoover.

The official product part number it is referred to as HHVKF10 in BLACK+DECKER Website.

If you want to buy one for your robot just click me for The HHVKF10 Filter Replacement Kit.


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