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What parts should be replaced in the vacuum cleaner?

If you use the vacuum cleaner frequently, it may have some failures. But this does not mean that you need to buy a new vacuum cleaner, just replace the accessories inside. After replacement, it can be cleaned cleaner and work more efficiently. So what vacuum cleaner accessories need to be replaced frequently?

Here are some vacuum cleaner parts that need to be replaced, and a reminder to pay attention to their condition the next time you clean up.


If your vacuum cleaner smells burnt or leaves a trail of dust on the ground after vacuuming, it may be because the belt is broken. If the belt is broken, it cannot move the brush to pick up debris and dust. Therefore, the belt should be one of the most frequently replaced parts. Replacing it is also easy, you can refer to the previous article.


If your vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise, it means something is wrong. You can first check if the hose is clogged or the belt is intact. If not, then there may be a problem with your motor, and you can go to a professional place to replace the motor. After replacement, it can prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner.


You may smell something while vacuuming, which means you should change or clean the filter. If you use it frequently, you will also change it frequently.

Dyson's filter

Power cord

In life, the power cord will twist together during cleaning, or your pet will bite it, etc. If a damaged power cord will affect vacuum suction and power delivery, then a new power cord needs to be replaced at this time.


Brushes are also one of the frequently replaced parts. Over time, the bristles can wear out, or the brush can have debris or hair tangles that don't pick up dust well. The replacement process is also simple, check your brush frequently.

Roomba's brush


If something goes wrong with your vacuum cleaner, don't worry about buying a new machine just yet. Try replacing the parts first, you can get good results too. Know which accessories need to be replaced frequently, make small repairs, and your vacuum will work in no time.


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